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Online solutions constructed just for your organisation

We build & manage reliable web applications to increase your company's efficiency.

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Handy mobile apps making your business available on the go

We design & develop native iOS and Android apps connecting people with your organisation.

We deliver results

Our solutions are built with business efficiency in mind:

Hire us if

  • you’re part of a company with an existing product (online or mobile) and you need help getting it to the next level and maintaining it
  • you need a top development team and are finding it hard to recruit
  • you’re part of a large agency and need a top-notch system development company to help you build a serious application for you client
  • you have an idea and a budget for a new web or mobile application and you want to find a technical partner
  • you are a small funded startup looking for a virtual CTO to help you develop your product with good long term technical decisions

Things we've built

About Us


We’re a small development company big on quality & impact. We know how to deliver high quality, durable software for medium-sized organisations looking for excellent return on investment. We love our craft and take a lot of pride in the quality of our work.
This focus on quality translates to reliability in everyday use of the software.


Luke, an experienced web and iOS developer, runs the Azuki team. He also pulls on his large network of professionals & contractors to deliver customer projects of different sizes. By custom selecting a team to work on your project, you can be sure you're getting excellent value.
We draw from a pool of fantastic designers, copywriters, developers and testers, some local, some not.

The combination of our team's agility and our unwavering focus on quality gives our clients an invaluable technical partner.

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