Support & Maintenance

We want the products we build for our clients to be successful long term. To do this, they need to be cared for and time spent on them on an ongoing basis. Here are a couple of support packages for you to choose from. You can cancel/change anytime.

Critical Support
Ensures your product stays up & running

You have peace of mind that your product is kept running and is secure / We ensure the general operation of the product and deal with critical issues and security updates.

What you get

  • Monitoring your product and keeping it running (using Pingdom or similar)
  • Security upgrades
  • 12 hour response time for critical issues of reporting
  • Commitment to resolving critical issues fast
  • Small tweaks (under 1 hour long) time allowing

Does not include: feature implementation, non-critical bug fixes

Example cost for an average iOS or Rails app: £250/month+vat
(normally calculated at 25% of the project development cost per year)

Product Care Support
All of Critical Support + Dedicated time improving your product

You see your product improving over time / We proactively find and improve sub-standard areas.

What you get

  • All of Critical Support
  • Fixing non-critical issues
  • Implementing small features over time
  • Monitoring and improving performance (using Skylight, New Relic or similar)

Does not include: medium or large features and changes

Example cost for an average iOS or Rails app: £800/month+vat


For most projects, we're more than happy to take on hosting and operations responsibility. We have lots of experience in doing this and ensure it is set up reliably and to allow for scaling in the future. We use the best cloud services to host all of our software.

We can give you a monthly cost based on your requirement. The Critical Product Support plan will automatically be included in this plan but we always recommend our Product Care package for a more effective product long term.

Not for you?

The alternative to the above plans is to request fixes as they come up. We will schedule them in and fix them in time. This applies to urgent as well as non-urgent issues. Of course, we will do what we can for urgent issues but there are no timing guarantees.