Website for distributing CUPA's digital content.

eSource has enabled CUPA to maintain a single version of their digital resources and it also reduced production overheads of producing disks previously attached to books.


UK & Worldwide

Project Duration

3-4 months



The eSource product allows digital content (e.g. audio/video) related to specific books to be consumed online.

Example or screenshot of work eSource
the solution - team session

Now, CUPA can simply attach a code to the book, allowing the owner of the book to access the latest content anytime online.

It also benefits the user as they will always have up to date resources.

Thanks to Azuki, we have a well designed cloud-based platform for delivery of a wide range of content formats to English Language students around the world.
Ben Dowzell,
Technology Director

The website is built using Laravel which is a great technology for this site. Laravel is a fantastic web development tool for the PHP community. It's a really good opinionated framework with many configuration options, not too dissimilar to Rails.

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