2014 Retrospective

  • business, retrospective

I thought I’d write a little note about 2014 before we get too far into 2015.

2014 has been a great year for me and Azuki. Definitely a progression from the year before. Better, harder, faster, stronger or something like that. I’ve built some new web products for some excellent new clients such as the Cambridge University Press, and I’ve built exciting products for my existing clients. I’ve deepened my knowledge of Ruby on Rails. I’ve learnt new technologies.

I think the biggest thing that I take from 2014 is getting neck deep in iOS development and RubyMotion. It’s been a great ride learning the quirks of the iOS ecosystem and how the ruby community has found nicer ways of doing development in it.

2015 is looking great already. I’m enjoying the ride and here’s to another great year!

Thanks to my super clients, present and future. I couldn’t do it without you.