The Top 5 Benefits of Building a Mobile App for Your Business

12 December
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Right now, there are over two million apps in the App Store, as people feverishly download anything that will make their lives easier – or more fun. You probably have at least 15 apps on your mobile device, helping with things like ride-sharing, social media, games and entertainment, sleep or water drinking schedules, and the list goes on.

Why are there so many apps available today?

Here are the top 5 benefits of a mobile app for your business:

  1. Increased Brand Recognition:
    The competition is steep today, there’s no way to skirt around it. However, if you want to shine through the darkness and be one of the brands that people remember, then you need a mobile app. Since mobile internet access accounts for 50% of all internet access, with desktop, laptop, and tablet ranking behind phones, consumers will develop more loyalty to your brand if it’s right inside their mobile device.

  2. GPS or Location Features:
    Since apps exist inside our phones, they can help us with GPS features, directions, and anything else that can make it easier to get a consumer to visit a certain location. With this kind of convenience, it will make your brand more popular/accessed by your ideal buyer.

  3. 24-7 Data Access:
    Once your app is live in the App Store, it’s ALWAYS live. That means that it’s providing 24-7 data access and service to your users, compiling key findings and statistics for you to use in the development of your marketing and outreach strategies moving forward. This invaluable data will help you allocate your time, resources, and money more efficiently.

  4. Provides More Customer Value:
    Customers are looking for a quick, easy, and seamless online experience today. If they can just tap on an app, make a purchase, and sign out, they’re going to opt for that over the whole process of opening their laptop, launching their browser, and searching through Google. More value to your customers means more returning customers. More returning customers means more money in your pockets.

  5. Geo-Targeting and Marketing:
    Catch-all campaigns just don’t cut it anymore today. You need to have specifically targeted advertising that includes a hyper segmented group of buyers at a time. With mobile apps, it’s a quick and effective way to gage customer interest and promote certain products to certain users based on the mobile app data. Target demographics, geographical locations, and shopping behaviors effortlessly.

Azuki Mobile Development

Here at Azuki, we believe that the future of internet access is inherently linked to our mobile devices, which is why mobile apps are only going to increase in importance and prominence. Our team provides a full suite of mobile app development services, ensuring that your small to medium sized company can have a mobile presence with ease.

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