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BinTime App

iPhone app for finding out your bin collection time.

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  • Example or screenshot of work

Ever lost track of when your bin is being collected or which one? Well, I used to. I thought it would be useful to have an app which reminded me to put the bins out for collections the night before.

The relevant data (for me) is available on the South Cambridgeshire website, so I wrote a script to extract that automatically every week. The data gets stored in a simple Ruby on Rails web application for use by the iPhone app via an API.

The app tries to work out which parish you’re in using Apple’s location services and reverse geocoding, but if it can’t work it out, you can select it manually.

I’ve published it to the App Store so get it now! Feel free to suggest improvements if you have any.

  • Jan 2017
  • ios, mobile, internal, ruby, rails, web

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