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iPad App for Leak Detection Engineers

Onsite engineers' work management app.

Leak detection mobile screenshots

SOS Leak Detection are a company of engineers who investigate, assess and resolve leaks at properties. We built a native iPad app which manages and streamlines the engineers’ workflow. Some friends of ours at 2B built the administrative web application.

Here’s how it works.

The engineer goes onsite with their iPad and they load up the Leak Detection app. They are presented with a view that lists their jobs for the day and their upcoming ones. They can scan through the list and see the main information about each.

Leak detection mobile screenshots

Each job can have relevant documents attached by the administrative team.

The app walks the engineer through the relevant workflow for the job. It’ll ask all the right questions, and not present the irrelevant ones. A number of the options for each questions are dynamically configurable from the administration website for central control.

Leak detection mobile screenshots

The app gathers relevant information about the engineer’s findings and allows the collection of photos. They record their conclusions based on a preset set of editable responses for efficiency. This avoids having to spend a long time writing out the same conclusion many times.

Once the engineer is happy that they’ve produced a suitable report, the job gets marked as complete. The client is asked to sign as part of the completion process.

Leak detection mobile screenshots

If the engineer’s iPad is online, the data will be sent over to the server where the report is generated and the office is notified of its completion. If it’s offline, then it will be buffered until it’s able to sync.

The report can then potentially be sent to the insurance company who may approve any further required work. In that case, the engineer will use the app again to perform more tasks at the same property.

The efficiency improvements are impressive – the app has saved the onsite engineers significant time. Work that was previously paper-based and manual at the end of their day now happens realtime whilst on site. The back office staff also receive better quality results and therefore have less to chase up.

We’ve also implemented a simple iPhone companion to the iPad for quick reference.

  • Example or screenshot of work leak detection
  • Example or screenshot of work leak detection

    We’re always looking to extend the app to help the process become even more efficient.

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